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5 Spoke X-Core Wheels

CEW - Custom Engineered Wheels

  • $1,395.00

Specifically designed for wheelchairs, the wheel features a broad, smooth surface. This not only makes it easier to clean and maintain the wheel, but also makes the removal and handling of the wheels much easier compared to wire spoke wheels.

The X-CoreTM  fiber wheels are an incredible option for young and old people alike. The level of maneuverability offered by these wheels is immense. It takes the hassle out of riding a wheelchair making your experience more freeing and less cumbersome. The singular structure of the wheel makes it more reliable.

Additionally, the use of small components is almost negligible, thus abating the fear of parts falling out during the operation of the wheelchair. For an unrivalled extraordinary experience, the X-CoreTM  fiber wheel is a must.

Available in

  • 20  (451)
  • 22 (501)
  • 24 (540)

And in the following colours

  • High Gloss Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow


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