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CEW - X-Core - 3 Spoke - 25ʺ (559 mm) - no longer been nabufactured.

CEW - Custom Engineered Wheels

  • $1,685.00

3 Spoke X-Core® Wheels 

X-CoreTM 25ʺ 3-Spoke Carbon Fiber Wheel for Wheelchairs - Price Per Pair

At Custom Engineered Wheels Inc., Xcore wheels are manufactured following a very unique molding process known as lost core. The wheels manufactured using the lost core method are extremely sturdy and lightweight. Moreover, those wheels will be unrivalled in performance and durability.

The three major steps involved in Xcore wheel manufacturing are:

  1. Casting an alloy core.
  2. Overmolding the alloy core with nylon or carbon fiber composite.
  3. Melting the core out from the molding.The lost core molding technique creates extremely complex internal geometry, allowing for exact strength and lightweight specifications.
By utilizing this method, the X-Core can ensure a smooth and safe ride on rough grounds for long years.
Its patented triple-stage manufacturing process allows our engineers to
  • :STD Black Hardened Anodised Push Rim
  • Optimize shock-absorbing qualities of composites.
  • Control both vertical stiffness (ride comfort) and lateral stiffness (handling and cornering).
  • Enhance the design with clean lines and sophisticated curves.

    Unrivalled in Quality and Performance

    Custom Engineered Wheels Inc., is the right source when you require superior quality carbon fiber wheels. They are incredibly light, allow safe ride, ensure maneuverability, and guarantee superior control.


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