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Wheelchair Maintenance

Posted by Steve Mollison on

Wheelchairs make a statement about their users, and it is important to creating an impression of the user by others and to one's self-perception. A clean, well-functioning chair reflects well on its user and helps to present a positive and professional image. It is astonishing how many people dress well, yet push around in a dirty and poorly maintained chair, especially given the consequences of the wheelchair failing, which may result in lost time at work/school, missing activities with family/friends, or losing out on other opportunities. 

In order to avoid downtime we recommended the following maintenance program.

Weekly Maintenance

  • Check that wheel lock/brakes are secured tightly to the frame and are easily activated.
  • Check tyre pressure. Low tyres can create a number of problems but the main one is the increase effort to push the chair around so a weekly check is important to keep you moving at peek efficiency.
  • Clean and check front castors for wobbling, noise as the spin, excessive play and alignment, if you do have any of these issues you may require new bearings or new castors all together.
  • Inspect wheels to ensure spokes from the axle to the rim are intact and that hand rims are not bent.
  • Remove and wipe axles with a clean rag and re-lubricate with silicon spray if you do have any a few drops of oil on it. we prefer to use 
  • Clean upholstery with mild cleaning solution. If you have any concerns contact your wheelchair supplier for advice

Monthly Maintenance 

  • Clean metal parts of the chair thoroughly. 
  • Check for wear and tear of upholstery (sag, tear, splits). Nourish vinyl covers to prevent deterioration.
  • Check for loose nuts and bolts. Tighten all screws on the wheelchair frame including ones on the upholstery, armrests, and footplates.
  • Check wheel alignment.
  • Check tread on tyres once they get to half their original tread its time to order some  replacements.
  • Check that all spokes on wheel are tight an evenly tensioned.
  • Do the wheels and castors rotate smoothly?
  • Check the easy release and replacement mechanism of removable leg rests, footrests, armrests and backrests.
  • Check that quick-release axles on wheels remove easily

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