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  • $1,145.00

QUADTRO SELECT is the most clinically advanced cushion in the ROHO product family, constantly adapting to your needs or activities. With the exclusive ISOFLO Memory Control and independent four-compartment design, you have the ultimate control over the inflation levels across your cushion, making it easy to ensure you are positioned properly. The interconnected air cells envelop your body, delivering maximum immersion and positioning, while protecting you from skin and soft tissue breakdown.

Key benefits:
  • positions you left and right and front and back
  • stabilises and holds the position of your pelvis and thighs
  • delivers skin and tissue protection
  • easy to set up
  • available in three different cell heights: HIGH PROFILE® (4.25”)/MID PROFILE™ (3.25”)/LOW PROFILE®(2.25”)

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