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RehaDesign Wheelchair Tire Covers!


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RehaDesign Wheelchair Tire Covers! - Price Per Pair

Imagine all of the nasty stuff that your wheelchair rolls around in when you go outside. Now imagine your wheelchair going over your nice clean carpets or your friend's nice clean floors. Not a pretty thought is it? Wheelchairs damage carpets, make tire marks on floors and track dirt and germs to every floor in the house. Yet many wheelchair users think that dirty carpets and damaged floors are just a part of life for wheelchair users. But now there is a solution: 

Wheelchair Tire Covers cover your tires and keep dirt and germs from transferring to your clean floors. Wheelchair tire covers prevent the embarrassment of leaving tire tracks when visiting friends and loved ones. They are machine washable and go on the wheelchair in seconds. RehaDesign Wheelchair Tire Covers have a specially designed inner lining so there is no slippage. RehaDesign Wheelchair Tire Covers are used by hospitals, spas and retirement homes around the world.
RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers
RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers are plush colorful covers for the rear wheels of manual wheelchair chairs.  They have a special inner lining which prevents slippage.  Wheelchair Slipppers go on easily in seconds without leaving the wheelchair. Wheelchair slippers are machine washable and come in four attractive colors (black, purple, blue and beige).


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