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RehaDesign Wheelchair - Mud Eaters


  • $94.00

RehaDesign Wheelchair Mud Eaters! - Price Per Pair

If your wheelchair is often in rain and mud, consider RehaDesign Mud Eaters. Mud Eaters are similar to Wheelchair Slippers in every way, except that they are made of water-resistant neoprene, the same material used for skin diver’s wet suits. Mud Eaters may also be used in wet hygienic environments such as swimming pools and spas.  Not only are Mud Eaters Water-resistant, but also they are very tough and durable. Like Wheelchair Slippers, Mud Eaters can be put on without leaving the wheelchair, however Mud Eaters do require normal upper body strength to put on the wheels. Mud Eaters come in black only.


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