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Invacare - REA AZALEA - Standard Wheelchairs

Invacare - REA AZALEA


  • $3,450.00

Invacare - REA AZALEA

The Rea Azalea is the natural choice for the moderately active user as well as for the more passive one. The comfortable seating system allows the seat position to be altered, ensuring maximum comfort at all times. This combined with good driving characteristics makes Azalea the ideal choice.

he Rea Azalea has seat tilt and a 30° backrest recline. Both tilt and recline can be easily adjusted. Invacare’s Dual Stability System (DSS) helps to prevent Decubitus thanks to its non-friction body positioning, which includes a biomechanical positioning backrest hinge that follows the user’s natural back movement when adjusting the backrest angle.

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