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Portable Ramps - MULTIPURPOSE


  • $820.00

Invacare Portable Ramps are manufactured with a unique combination of uni-directional glass and carbon fibre materials to create an extremely strong and lightweight ramp suitable for a wide range of uses.

Tested to AS/NZ Standards, up to 300kg*, Invacare Portable Ramps can be deployed in seconds, requiring no assembly and is immediately ready for use!

Invacare Portable Ramps are available in 4 models, in a wide range of sizes;

PERSONAL - Portable, lightweight ramp that allows easier access in and around the home or workplace. Ideal for climbing kerbs or similar obstacles. Includes carry bag as standard.

MULTIPURPOSE - Longer and wider, designed to cope with a wider range of obstacles making it more suitable for commercial and travel situation. Invaluable when venturing outdoors.

SENIOR - Flexible range of ramps to cope with obstacles from 22.5-87cm in height. 10 sizes available.

EDGE BARRIER LIMITER (EBL) - Added security of edge barriers, particularly suited to providing instant access to buses, trains and buildings where a permanent ramp is impractical. 9 sizes available

Invacare Portable Ramps can be quickly folded into a single compact unit PORTABLE - Allowing for easy storage or transport in any vehicle or home environment
Made from a unique combination of uni-directional glass and carbon fibre materials LIGHTWEIGHT - Invacare Portable Ramps are very strong, yet light enough to be portable
Multi-paneled design held together with a patented hinge system connected by webbing COMPACT - Enables Invacare Portable Ramps to fold with a concertina action, allowing for a much smaller width when folded
Clearly marked and grip tape covered, Invacare Portable Ramps are also fitted with pads at the top and base SAFE - Invacare Portable Ramps provide a non-slip surface, for all weather conditions
 Invacare Portable Ramps are tested to AS/NZ Standards, up to 300kg!* STRONG - For security and peace of mind
Invacare Portable Ramps require no assembly SIMPLE-TO-USE - Allowing the ramp to be deployed in seconds, and immediately ready for use!


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