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Invacare® Matrx® MX2


  • $1,505.00

The Invacare® Matrx® MX2 Back — Designed for active users who demand the best. Carbon fiber specially engineered to provide unmatched stability for peak performance.

Peak performance and great looks. The latest in back support technology combines aesthetic appeal with superior support and function. The full range of patent pending hardware options ensures optimal adjustment for the widest range of applications, while the lightweight carbon fiber shell provides exceptional support and durability. Designed for active users who demand peak performance and great looks! The MX1 back has a starting weight of 680g including hardware and has a weight capacity of 113kg.

Features & Benefits

Carbon Fiber Back Shell:

Exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal 

Very light weight

Contoured to provide stability to hips/trunk without restricting upper body mobility


Breathable, attractive Spacer Mesh fabric

Cover and foam overlaps back shell for privacy protection and comfort

Optional privacy flap available

Sacral/lumbar support: Includes sacral support that is easily adjustable to meet individual needs in front or behind the canes and back angle (up to 24°)

Choice of four types of mounting hardware: Mono, Fixed Dual, Quick Release Dual and Superlite. Hardware does not come standard with the MX1 back, this will need to be selected

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