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Spinergy Wheels

  1. Cost effective - The expense of Spinergy wheels can be justified in just a few years. Spinergy has customers still using their original wheels (over 10 years old) without having had to service them.
  2. Durable - Spinergy makes motocross and bicycle wheels using the same technology. Wheelchair Basketball, quad rugby, and tennis players use Spinergy wheels because they take the abuse of wheelchair sports. 
  3. Lighter weight - Each Spinergy wheel weighs approx. 1.5 lbs lighter than a standard wheelchair wheel (that’s 3 lbs off the weight of the chair). This means Spinergy wheels are integral in preventing repetitive use injuries to the shoulder, neck and other parts of the body. 
  4. Shock Absorbent - Spinergy users a fiber spoke called PBO, not steel spokes like a standard wheel. The PBO fiber is 25% more shock absorbent than stainless steel spokes
  5. They are quiet! No more spoke creaking and popping.