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Natural-Fit - Handrim only


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Natural-Fit  - Handrim only

The research evidence (detailed below) demonstrates that you pay a price with every push on the skinny, round tube standard handrim. The price is less efficiency, more effort, and more fatigue and pain. In contrast, the same research shows that the ergonomic grip of the Natural-Fit improves performance and efficiency with every push:

  • The Natural-Fit provides a 16% reduction in effort to grip the rim.
  • You can cover the same ground with less work and less fatigue.
  • Multiply the effort saved on every push by 2000-3000 - that's the average number of times wheelchair users push on their handrim in a single day.

Grip matters. Every push. Every day. You choose.

Natural-Fit vs. Natural-Fit LT (Oval Options)

The size and weight of the oval is the difference between the Natural-Fit and the Natural-Fit LT.

  • The Natural-Fit uses the original, larger profile oval. It offers 80% more surface area for gripping than a standard handrim yet weighs just 12 ounces more.
  • The Natural-Fit LT uses a reduced weight, smaller profile oval. It is more than 25% lighter and is designed for those looking for a reduction in weight or a smaller gripping surface (for those with smaller hands)..


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